ACW Trees tackle rising fuel costs thanks to brace of EVO woodchippers from GreenMech


To keep up with new technologies and latest industry developments, family-run ACW Trees in the West Midlands opt to upgrade their woodchipper fleet every three years – _their most recent review seeing a GreenMech ArbTrak 200 swapped for TWO machines from the GreenMech EVO series! Owner Adam Willington and his team now have the versatility of a road-tow EVO 165D and track-based EVO 205DT at their disposal and have found the pair to excel in power, maneuverability and fuel efficiency.

Following time in the Parachute Regiment, Adam moved into a career in forestry before establishing ACW Trees eight years ago – now undertaking a wide variety of jobs with both domestic and commercial clients with the assistance of his team of two. “Technology in the arb market is changing all the time so when it’s time to upgrade, I’ll go out to the market and research all of the options. What’s noticeable, having looked at the main three manufacturers, is how the build quality of GreenMech’s EVO range now supersedes the competition and, performance-wise, is leading the way” says Adam.

The team opted for the EVO 165D, and larger 8” capacity EVO 205DT for optimal flexibility and safe traversal of sloped or uneven ground. Delivering more aggressive torque, bite and throughput, Adam also opted for the optional folding chute on both new machines, delivered in October 2022, which he adds is “ideal for moving the chippers around and safely storing them in the yard or other small, restricted access spaces.” 

“Like most small businesses, we’re conscious of costs and fuel is a big issue currently. One thing we really liked about the EVO 205DT is the ‘economy mode’ where you set the engine RPM to automatically reduce after a given interval when no timber is being processed which has massively improved our fuel economy.” He continues, “In addition, we’ve found the powerful throw on both machines helps to pack the chips more tightly in the back of the truck meaning we’re making fewer trips to empty, lowering fuel consumption even further.” 

Adam certainly hasn’t gone easy on the chippers in the nine months since taking delivery, putting them both thoroughly through their paces on all types of terrain. “We’ve had no trouble in getting the EVO’s exactly where we need them – be that up and down steep slopes, wooded or boggy areas and even tracking the 205DT through little streams! The robustness and reliability they’ve given us has been brilliant, and like always, backed up with excellent service and technical support from the GreenMech team.” 

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