The revolutionary Disc-Blade chipping system

The vulnerability of conventional straight blades, highlighted by rental companies, when contaminants such as soil and nails are inadvertently introduced into the chipper, means that users often find that sharpening and even the replacement of blades become necessary all too frequently.

Following the introduction of the Disc-Blade system in 1995 these issues have been greatly reduced. As a result, these pioneering round blades are now the preferred choice with many contractors. Unless requested, all GreenMech hydraulic machines are fitted with Disc-Blades as standard.

Reasons to choose Disc-Blades over conventional blades

  • Significant cost savings
  • 600% more blade life
  • Reduction in noise emissions
  • Less power requirement
  • Less maintenance

When the Disc-Blades are used, only 30 per cent of their circumferences come into contact with the woody material, hence the blades can be turned to the next sharp section when the edge has worn. This allows the blades to be turned twice before they need to be re-sharpened, in essence giving you three blades in one.

By loosening the retaining bolt, the Disc-Blades can be rotated in either direction. If damage occurs to the blade through insertion of contaminants such as stones or nails, the damaged section can simply be positioned away from the cutting area.

Conventional straight blades are more susceptible to damage and therefore will need to be replaced more frequently for optimal performance. When sharpened and refitted, the distance between the anvil and blade also needs to be adjusted. This does not apply to Disc-Blades, as they are sharpened from the rear so the front face does not alter and the gap remains constant.

Operating costs comparisons from figures given to us by EVO 205 user, compared to experience with a competitors machine of similar size. Labour rate is based on £70 P/H | Based on 480 hrs use over a 2 year period | All prices ex VAT

TASK Normal Blade Disc-Blade
4 x Sharpen £69 (£276.00)
4 x Sharpen £67 (£268.00)
Remove & Re-Fit
6 x £35.00 (£210.00)
Rotate Blades
8 x 1/2 Hour £35.00 (£280.00)
New Blades
2 x Sets + Labour £390.00
Total Cost

Saving £328.00

The Disc-Blade system, with its slicing action as opposed to chopping, is 1.5dB quieter than conventional straight blades, according to data obtained from the recognised standard noise test for wood chippers. It is worth noting that for every 3dB reduction in noise emissions the sound pressure on the ears is reduced by a massive 50 per cent.

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