Small but powerful, effective and value for money, our pedestrian woodchipper is designed for the professional landscaper, tree surgeon, jobbing contractor and/or domestic user who needs to access narrow passages alongside properties, in gardens or hard-to-get-to sites

CS-100 18HP

GreenMech CS-100 woodchipper cut out on white background


18 HP


4″ / 100mm


195 kg



Road tow hydraulic wood chippers are our most popular choice by far. Their versatility means they can be used effectively across a range of applications and conditions, including landscaping, tree surgery and contract work. There is a model to suit all requirements.

Designed to go where your truck can’t. Essential for the forestry and arb industry and built to effortlessly get to all those hard-to-reach locations. Perfect for difficult or narrow access sites or simple soft ground conditions you can rely on our range of tracked chippers to get to the job in hand.

Our range of Tractor-Mounted woodchippers can be used with tractors from 15hp to 80hp and are powered directly from the tractors PTO (Power Take Off) shaft. Suitable for large estates, local authorities, golf courses, contractors and farmers.