Garden Thyme gives GreenMech CS80 a five-star rating!


“Five stars out of five!” – that’s the glowing review of a GreenMech CS 80 from Norfolk-based gardeners Garden Thyme. Since Owner Stephan Jansen took delivery of the 4” pedestrian unit in November 2021, its simplicity of use and speed of processing has transformed residential tree and hedge maintenance, with the CS 80 chipping the woody waste faster than Stephan’s team can prepare it

The smallest machine in GreenMech’s pedestrian range, the CS 80 delivers compact with compromise – perfect for ‘on the spot’ chipping and jobs in tight spaces. Prior to his CS 80, Stephan was using another make of small chipper which was beginning to struggle with the workload. “It was a nightmare to feed and it would only process material of a certain size… and it took forever to even do that!” he explains. “We ended up having to turn some domestic work down because of the time those sorts of jobs would take up in our diaries which was obviously not ideal. 

GreenMech CS-80 woodchipper cut out on white background

“This CS 80 chips so fast and can handle timber and brash of all awkward shapes and sizes making it ideal for all garden jobs but particularly hedge work, which can sometimes be difficult to dispose of. Because of the adjustable flap on the discharge chute, we can angle and control the direction of the chip meaning a lot of customers re-use it as mulch for their flower beds, or alternatively, we can dispose of it into a bulk bag or straight into a garden waste bin.” 

At only 760mm wide, the ability to transport the CS 80 to exactly where it’s required has been another major time-saving for Stephan. “We wheel the chipper down pathways and through gates to get it to the centre of the job at hand. Then when the job is complete, we wheel it back and can load it into the van single-handedly using a special winch we had fitted, to take the chipper safely to the next site.”

“Not only is the machine lovely and simple to use, the maintenance of it is also very easy” Stephan explains. “Everything is accessible with the removal of just a couple of bolts meaning we can keep the machine in tip-top condition, with the back-up support of our local dealer Thurlow Nunn Standen if we need it. We look forward to many years of reliable and trouble-free performance.”

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