GreenMech launch ‘next-gen’ SURE-Trak System at APF 2018 with more safety features than thought possible!


Prototype 19-28 with SURE-Trak System on testGreenMech will use APF 2018 to launch their next generation SURE-Trak System (Patent Pending). Ever since its introduction in 2002, the SAFE-Trak19-28 woodchipper has become an indispensable tool for operators traversing embankments or working on uneven ground. 2018 will see further improvements to its stability and performance, thereby broadening the 19-28’s usage profile.

For occasions where operators encounter either uncomfortable ground undulations, or where levels differ significantly between the two tracks, GreenMech’s new SURE-Trak System option for the SAFE-Trak 19-28 ensures that both challenges can be safely overcome. The independent pivoting track assemblies allow each track to maintain contact with the ground while following the contours, to provide a surer footprint and improved stability.

Furthermore, the patent-pending pivoting track System allows safe traversing of even steeper slopes in excess of 35 degrees. Its assistance in keeping the body of the machine level also protects the engine by keeping it within its approved manufacturer tilt levels. The SURE-Trak System provides the extra level of adjustment above normal tolerance, to ensure the safety of the operator, crew and machine in the most challenging of conditions.

Commenting on its launch, Sales Director Martin Lucas said, “GreenMech’s patented SAFE-Trak extension system has really proven its worth, with the SAFE-Trak 19-28 model becoming the only tracked chipper certified for use on both Network Rail and Deutsche Bahn. Now with the optional pivoting 
SURE-Trak System allowing the operator to make both side-to-side and longitudinal adjustments, even more extreme conditions can be tackled with ease. We’re expecting this new development to our Arb range to make a big impression at this year’s APF and beyond.”

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