GreenMech’s ace up the sleeve sets it apart from the APF rest

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AT any trade show, shiny new equipment is very much the order of the day, and this event delivered plenty. Beyond the circuit where the ARB Show and associated retailers and service providers dominated, there was plenty to be discovered that would get most tree-care professionals salivating (and perhaps even reaching for their wallets).

Among the many woodchipper brands, GreenMech showcased everything from its EVO series – including the tracked 205D – to its CS models, but there was one element of the display that made it stand out from much of the crowd. For the first time, GreenMech brought along a selection of its dealers’ second-hand machines and its full range of servicing kits. 

Peter Bagguley, national sales manager, said: “We have taken the decision this year to ask dealers to bring in their second-hand machines – not just GreenMech’s but other brands as well. 

“That’s an important revenue stream and part of the process of the sale. 

“The values of second-hand machines are so good right now. You tend to think a manufacturer at a show like this should only have new, shiny kit, but that’s only part of the chain.

“We work closely with our dealers, and it shows our dealers are capable of taking on machines and refurbishing them – and not afraid to take on other makes as well.” 

Like many, GreenMech – which is based just around 10 minutes from the Ragley Estate – has enjoyed a successful few years. And while there’s no sign of that slowing down any time soon, there is acceptance rising costs could negatively impact on the market. 

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