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The original SAFE-Trak extension system

In 1999, at the request of several customers, GreenMech produced the UK’s first tracked wood chipper. At the time we thought the market would be small, but we were wrong, as significant UK and Global sales followed.

Designed initially on a conventional track carrier – similar to that of mini excavators – we soon found out the limitations and frequently found ourselves stuck on top of tree stumps and unable to climb slopes due to either instability or restrictions with oil flows to the engine.

After further years of research and development, the SAFE-Trak was launched in 2002. This brand-new design broke the mould because it was the first chipper that was both tracked and narrow – increasing accessibility – but which could safely operate on slopes and embankments.

Since its introduction into the professional arb world, the SAFE-Trak has become one of the most popular models in the GreenMech range. A particular favourite with de-veg contractors who work to maintain highways, power lines and railway networks, the SAFE-Trak has the capacity to go virtually anywhere.

Its innovative patented track-extension system extends each track independently to give up to 550mm ground clearance, enabling it to access the most difficult terrain. By extending only one track, slopes up to 35° can be traversed in complete safety, allowing the chipper to be closer to the job in hand, saving both time and money.

One of the SAFE-Trak models has the option to have the rubber tracks fit neatly under the chipper body so that when fully retracted the SAFE-Trak’s minimum width is only 740mm, allowing it to fit through a standard 760mm gateway.