New GreenMech sub 750kg QuadChip 160 takes over 70% of tree surgeon Kevin Patton’s work


Kevin Patton, Tree Surgeon, purchased his first woodchipper back in 2002 and has a few different makes and models in his fleet. However, he faced a major challenge when it came to purchasing new equipment for him and his team of 4 – towing capacity.  To satisfy the company’s requirement for a powerful, versatile, but lightweight chipper, they turned to GreenMech and their sub 750kg QuadChip 160.

Established in 1999, the company carries out a wide array of tree work and woodland management for a range of customers in the Guisborough area. “Our work is very diverse – a pretty even split between commercial and domestic jobs, both large and small projects. Because of the range of work and material we handle we needed something that the lads could take out, without myself always being there to supervise” explains Kevin.

After seeing the GreenMech machines at various trade shows, and having one on demonstration, they settled on the QuadChip 160. The sub 750kg QuadChip160 features a full 360o turntable allowing definitive infeed chute positioning for convenient and safe loading at the kerb-side or in restricted spaces. “Having a turntable is essential for us, it makes the machine versatile to suit whatever situation it’s in. We were also particularly impressed with the fact it’s fitted with a drop chute for more convenient storage and the new health & safety bottom bar which cemented my decision to purchase one.

Since they took delivery of the QuadChip from local dealer Lloyd Ltd, Kevin estimates it’s taken on over 70% of their work. “With this machine, the lighter weight certainly doesn’t mean less power. It ticks so many boxes for us – as well as it complying to towing regulations, it’s user friendly, the infeed hopper has no sharp edges ensuring a smoother intake of material and it’s braked, which you don’t always find. The guys are out using it on almost a daily basis with no grumbles – so for me it’s been a great addition to our fleet.

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