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Product Range

Ask anyone about the integrity of engineering and design of Greenmech Chippers and Shredders and they will tell you that here is the finest example of ‘quality’ and the very best in British manufacturing. GreenMech has been at the forefront of chipper and shredder design, development and innovation for over forty years. In-built quality reflects the demands and expectations of a wide range of customers and end-users ranging from home-owners, landscapers, contractors, hire companies and specialists in the road and rail industry.

Long-term reliability, ease of maintenance, simple operation and high residual values explain why GreenMech is the leading range of chippers throughout Europe. Its products are used world-wide by individual operators through to major corporations, and are backed-up by a select dealer network to provide the ultimate customer experience in operation and servicing support.

Take a look at the industry leading, ‘unique’ features such as disc blades; no-stress power control; Safetrak, features that extend operating life with reduced downtime and providing the ultimate in operator safety. Review the three year ‘unlimited’ warranty on all GreenMech products – a solid guarantee that says ‘we stand behind everything we do – without question and, at absolutely no cost to you!’