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ChipMaster 220 TMP

Wind up the horsepower!

If tractor horsepower of up to 80hp is available and you want to get maximum chipping output for minimum investment, then take a serious look at the ChipMaster 220 TMP. Three-point-linkage mounted and driven by the power-take-off shaft, the hydraulic feed rollers are powered from the tractor hydraulic system so utilising available equipment already employed. Similar throughout to the road-tow specification, we are talking high throughput of materials and this machine will take virtually everything you can throw at it.


Download Datasheet Last updated on 20 April 2016

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Big output – lower cost

Utilising the equivalent to the largest in-feed and roller specification of GreenMech’s chipper range, the ChipMaster 220 TMP is designed to utilise tractor power through PTO and three-point linkage mountings.


On-board hydraulic control

Fully integrated hydraulic pump and management system incorporated within the chipper, controls the ChipMaster 220 TMPs ‘No-stress’ feed rolls, maximising throughput and smoothness of operation

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