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Utilising tractor power, minimising cost

Looking for a small, compact chipper that utilises existing compact tractor horsepower? Your solution is the CS100 TMP. It handles 100mm (4inch) branches and limbs with ease, can take up to 30hp on the PTO drive from the tractor and boasts a large in-feed chute capable of handling big armfuls of all kinds of brash, brush and trimmings. Typically, this machine is found in all amenities such as golf courses, parks, building sites, residential facilities and many more applications.

Variations of the CS100 TMP are also available in petrol-engine specifications and are capable of a multitude of tasks related to the safe and environmentally conscious processing of wood waste and vegetation. It is manufactured in a heavy-duty, long-life specification that will suit contractors, landscapers and large estate/parkland applications.


Download Datasheet Last updated on 20 April 2016

Tractor mounted

Fully utilises available tractor power up to 30hp by mounting on the three point linkage and by powering the feed rollers from the tractor’s hydraulic system. Excellent low-cost option maximising available existing equipment.

Trailed option

Where tractors do not have a hydraulic three point linkage but incorporate a fully functional PTO system, you can specify the trailed version, which has the same throughput capacity as the fully mounted specification.

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