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QuadTrak 160D

Specialist machine for specialist jobs

This specialist, tracked chipper, like the road-tow QuadChip 160D, is designed specifically for roadside and highway maintenance contractors. As the entire chipper unit can swivel 360 degrees on the chassis, so that operators can position the in-feed chute away from the roadside, so improving road and operator safety. This is a hungry machine, powered by the 25hp Kubota diesel engine and has an additional feature of being able to tilt the track underbelly to make it more usable when working on banks, side-lands and cuttings up to 30 degrees. It also comes with its own integrated trailer for safe and simple loading and it’s possible to use the machine whilst still mounted on the trailer.


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Turnable on Tracks

Rotate and tilt capabilities enabling rotated positioning of in-feed for best operator access and ideal safety control. The QuadTrak can also tilt the entire body on the track chassis and has a ground clearance of 240mm so that working on slopes of up to 30 degrees, provides greater versatility on sloping ground while maintaining an ideal safety stance.

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Twin hydraulic feed rolls

Hydraulically powered feed rolls aggressively feed materials to the flywheel for metered chipping and controlled throughput. The integrated ‘No-stress power control’ senses material volume and automatically adjusts the speed of material input to maximise chipping efficiency.

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