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SAFE-Trak 16-23

Where performance and safety meet reliability

Without doubt, the Safe-Trak 16-23 provides unrivalled stability on such applications as railway embankments and cuttings. A massive 450mm ground clearance means that large obstacles can be straddled and, each track can be independently adjusted to provide safe travel across slopes of up to 35 degrees. In closed position, the tracks are narrow enough to pass through gaps as narrow as 735mm and therefore this machine provides total flexibility and usability. The main advantage of having such flexibility is to take the machine to the maintenance point instead of having to bring material out by hand – a major time/cost benefit.


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Patented Safe-Trak system

Designed for the difficult tasks of operating on highway embankments and railway cuttings, this machine has both high capacity throughput from its 160mm x 230mm letterbox opening and, exceptional stability on slopes of up to 35 degrees.

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Soft ride tracks

Getting maximum traction on side slopes is achieved through the integrated GreenMech soft-ride track system which easily copes with difficult terrain and wet conditions by providing maximum traction with minimum surface disturbance. Powered by a 35hp Isuzu Diesel engine, this machine is highly versatile and has a massive throughput.

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