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GreenMech’s Stage V Emission Regulations Q & A

1. What are Emission Regulations and do they apply to me?

As manufacturers of wood chippers, we’ve been working to comply with European-wide Engine Emissions Regulations since 1999. These regulations have become increasingly strict in their limitation of emissions of dangerous exhaust gases and particles and they apply to all non-road mobile machinery – that means any item of transportable industrial equipment, not just wood chippers.

They therefore apply to all users of non-road mobile machinery, including wood chippers.

2. What’s the current level of Emissions Regulations?

The current regulations are Stages 111 A and B and any chipper with such compliant diesel engines will still be able to be used without any restriction under future levels of emission regulations.

3. So what’s the new level of regulation and when does it apply?

The new level is known as Stage V or Tier 5 and comes into force on 1st January, 2019, applying to all diesel engines with an output of up to 56Kw (75HP) and all petrol engines with outputs above 56Kw (75HP).

That means that current diesel engines meeting Emissions Stages 111 A and B cannot be produced after December 31st, 2018 – however, as a manufacturer, GreenMech is allowed a transition period, during which they will carry a stock of “old” engines which can be used to produce new machines up until June 2020, or when stock has been used up before that date. These machines can be purchased from dealer stock after June 2020.

As from June 2020, all new machines will have to be produced with Stage V -compliant diesel and petrol engines.

4. What will be different about Stage V engines?

To meet the new emissions standards, diesel engines above 19Kw (25hp) will feature Diesel Particulate Filters and Common Rail Fuel Injection Systems, which will make them physically larger, heavier and more expensive than current units.

5. What have GreenMech being doing if they knew these changes were coming?

GreenMech have been planning for these new regulations for a number of years and have been offering a number of Stage V -compliant options, using both diesel and petrol engines:

Arborist 130 has been available with a 23hp Honda petrol engine since 2013
Arborist 150 has been available with a 19Kw (25hp) Kubota diesel engine – which already complies with Stage V emissions – since 2012 and this model will continue unchanged
Arborist 150p has been available with a 37hp Vanguard petrol engine since its launch in 2016
GreenMech have secured a stock of transition engines to allow for uninterrupted production up until June 2020, unless they are used up ahead of that date.

New Stage V engines are being phased-in and machines redesigned to accommodate them in the production process.

6. How does the London ULEZ affect the use of GreenMech chippers?

For current London Ultra Low Emissions Zone requirements (2015 to 2020)
GreenMech products, fitted with diesel engines between 25 and 50 hp which meet Stage111A level K diesel engine emission levels, are acceptable within the 2015/2020 Greater London area limits, because these limits are only applicable to engines with outputs in excess of 50hp. Such products will date from 2007 onwards.
As the limits for London Central Activity Zone/Canary Wharf are at Stage 111B level and start with engine outputs in excess of 50 hp, no GreenMech products will come into this category.

For future London Ultra Low Emissions Zone requirements requirements (2020 on)
Unless GreenMech use engines with outputs in excess of 50hp, all product will comply with Stage 111B emission requirements for use in Greater London area.
Unless GreenMech use engines with outputs in excess of 75hp, all product will comply with Stage 1V emission requirements for use in Central Activity Zone/Canary Wharf area.


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