VMS keep operations ‘on track’ with fleet of woodchippers from GreenMech


One of the country’s leading de-vegetation contractors have explained why woodchippers from GreenMech are their go-to choice for safety and versatility in rail, waterway and commercial clearances. Currently running a mixture of EVO 205D SURE-Trak and 19-28 SAFE-Trak models, the team at VMS have not only been impressed with performance but the technical guidance and back-up support too, claiming their experience to date has been second to none. 

From humble beginnings in November 2017 where VMS began operations with two vans and a single woodchipper, their unique ability to undertake even the most complex of arboriculture projects has seen significant growth and expansion into three depots across the Midlands, North and Northwest. “From the start, the GreenMech’s with their industry-leading SAFE-Trak platform set us up on the right track for embankment working and tasks in remote locations where other brands and towed models simply weren’t up to task” explains Business Support Manager for VMS, James Harris. 

“Together with accessibility and brilliant build quality, the GreenMech technology which enables each leg of the SAFE-Trak to be independently operated resulted in optimum slope safety for the operators and outstanding performance of the chipper itself.” As their reputation and customer book continued to grow, VMS have not only expanded their depots and ground team, but also their fleet of GreenMech’s – now utilising four SAFE-Trak 19-28’s and more recently adding three new EVO 205D SURE-Trak’s to their day to day operations. 

The EVO 205D SURE-Trak extends the legacy of the iconic 19-28, combining an aggressive 8” chipping capacity with unrivalled climbing ability thanks to a pivoting track base which allows each track to be raised or lowered independently on the move. Powered by a 50hp Kubota diesel engine, the model includes horizontal rollers and a 6-blade heavy-duty flywheel promising to make light work of bulky brash and timber. 

James adds, “The pivoting SURE-Trak system has come into its own on some of our key contract work with the river and rail networks, with its extra power not going unnoticed. Particularly in the rail sector, we’re working to tight timeframes to get the work complete – the EVO 205D’s can handle the huge amount of material we need to process.” 

The tight timeframes also mean that the equipment needs to deliver reliable service and be backed up with professional support when required. “The availability and supply of parts are notoriously challenging at the moment, yet with GreenMech we’ve never had an issue in six years! If we need something, it’s often on site in a day or two which makes such a difference operationally. We also now hold an impressive number of parts in stock so sometimes issues can be rectified on the spot.” 

He adds, “On the odd occasion where mechanics have been unable to resolve a problem, GreenMech have even gone as far as loaning us a machine to ensure we’re able to get contracts complete. Everything with the chippers and the service are a fantastic fit for what we need.”

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