From Sheet steel to finished product

Renowned for our dedication to quality and precision in manufacturing wood chippers  we meticulously craft our chippers from sheet steel to the finished product. Our capabilities include cutting-edge laser cutting facilities that ensure precise and efficient shaping of the steel components. The commitment to both aesthetics and durability is evident through a well-equipped paint and powder coating unit, which enhances the appearance and longevity of our chippers. Staffed by over 100 skilled individuals combining cutting-edge technology with expert craftsmanship to provide customers with reliable and high-performance machinery for all your wood processing needs.

Laser Shop

Welcome to the future of precision cutting at GreenMech.

Our latest addition is the cutting-edge Amada Ensis 3015-AJ 6KW laser, now equipped with a full-size automated loader and boasting an impressive 10 beds. What truly sets this machine apart is its ability to seamlessly change the sheet while the laser is in full operation, ensuring uninterrupted production. Whether you’re working with Mild Steel up to 25mm on Oxygen, achieving air cuts up to 4mm, or efficiently handling Aluminium up to 20mm with Nitrogen, the Amada Ensis 3015-AJ delivers remarkable versatility. We’ve even pushed the boundaries by cutting Stainless Steel on air, showcasing the advanced capabilities of this laser shop.

With this cutting-edge technology we can run both day and night to meet production demands with precision and efficiency.

Folding and welding

Our Amada press breaks, operated by skilled and experienced staff, ensure precision and accuracy in creating the intricate components that make up our machines. What sets us apart is our in-house management of nesting files, guaranteeing maximum material utilization and waste reduction, aligning with our sustainable practices.

Our welding team operates within a specialized section of our factory, with all members trained to the highest standards. We employ the latest welding technology for both safety and quality assurance, resulting in flawless and robust welds.

Bespoke Paint finishes

At Greenmech, we take immense pride in our cutting-edge wet paint and powder coating facilities. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail extends to every aspect of our wood chippers, and our paintwork is no exception. We offer a diverse range of colored powders, enabling us to create bespoke, eye-catching finishes for our machines. Whether you’re looking for a signature color to represent your brand or a unique aesthetic that sets your equipment apart, our dedicated team is here to fulfill your vision. We ensure that your chipper not only performs impeccably but also stands out with a finish that speaks to your individuality and style. Explore the endless possibilities of customization with Greenmech.