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QuadChip 160P

Where high-risk jobs are a priority

This specialist, road-tow chipper is designed specifically for roadside and highway maintenance contractors. The entire chipper unit can swivel 360 degrees on the chassis, allowing operators to position the in-feed chute away from the roadside, increasing both road and operator safety. This is a hungry machine, powered by the 37hp B&S Vanguard petrol engine and has a sub-750kg towing weight.


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Turnable in-feed chute and chipping head

Having the versatility to access difficult clearance sites and yet maintain total operator safety is the highest priority for GreenMech engineers. No matter what the site restrictions, the entire in-feed and flywheel head can be rotated 360 degrees without moving the wheeled chassis.

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Big capacity

The Quadchip 160 has a massive letterbox opening measuring 160mm x 230mm, with aggressive, hydraulically driven rollers managing the material flow to the disc blade flywheel.

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